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posted Feb 12, 2018, 8:39 AM by Gerrianne Schuler

starting the seeds

posted Feb 3, 2016, 8:23 AM by Gerrianne Schuler

Well it's that time again when we start the process of filling flats full of a growing mixture and and adding seeds. Using more lights than sun to get things growing this year. We start off the month of February sowing the seeds of leeks, bunching onions, broccoli, cabbages, kales, head lettuce, and peppers. In the next three months we will be starting and taking care over 100 flats of future transplants. These transplants will have the vigor to overcome weed pressure which is more difficult in direct seeding.

In less than 8 weeks it will be spring and the time we plan to start our direct seeding outside. In the meantime we will sow some seeds direct in the high tunnel, to enable an early spring start to our CSA. So far with this warm winter, we have been able to catch up on a few things in getting the soils ready for the growing season. We have amended with a lot of compost and composted manure, and tried to cover all bear ground with leaves or cover crops. This year we are using mostly winter wheat as a cover.

The crop plan has been updated on the website and I will post a document soon, showing the specific varieties of everything we are growing. Bruce

2015 seed order has arrived and is in play

posted Feb 16, 2015, 9:55 PM by Gerrianne Schuler   [ updated Feb 19, 2015, 5:58 PM ]

2015 seed order from Johnnies and Fedco.
Broccoli: Festa, Arcadia, Solstice
Cabbage: Gonzales, Super Red 80, Red Express, Ruby, Melissa Savoy, Frigga Savoy
Cauliflower: Candid Charm, Snowbowl
Brussel Sprouts: Diablo, Nautic
Collards: Vates
Arugula: Rocket
Kale: Red Russian, Vates Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch, Tuscano, Lacinato
Kohlrabbi: Winner
Asian Greens: Prize Choy and Jo Choi Pac Choi,Fun Jen Chinese Cabbage, Komatsuna, Gunsho, Carlton, Green Lance Chinese Broccoli
Radish: Easter Egg, Pink Beauty, French Breakfast, Misato Rose, White Icicle, Miyashige Daikon, Watermelon
Turnips: Hakeri, Purple Top White Globe, Gold Ball, White Egg
Parsnip: Andover
Spinach: Space, Tyee, Bloomsdale, Winter Bloomsdale
Swiss Chard: Bright Lights, Red Rhubarb
Beets: Baby ,Chioggia Guardsmark, Bulls Blood, Touchstone Gold, Cylindra, Detroit Golden, Detroit Dark Red, Merlin
Onion: Parade, Evergreen and Deep Purple Bunching, Red Long Of Tropea, Red Marble, White, Yellow, Chives, Red Cipollini 
Garlic: Music, German Hardneck, Rojo,
Leek: King Richard
Lettuce: Rhazes, Alkindus, Dragoon, Breen, Truchas, Monte Carlo, Thurinus, Mayan Jaguar, Kalura, Majestic Red, New Red Fire, Red Salad Bowl, Winter Density, Tango, Marshall, Freedom Lettuce Mix, Mizspoona Salad Selects Gene Pool
Endive: cant find it
Parsnip: Harris, Andover
Celeriac: Diamant
Celery: Tango
Parsley: Gigante d'Italian, Moss Curled II, Forest Green
Carrot: Bolero, Nelson, Purple Haze, Tonda di Parigi, Atlas, Hercules, Atomic Red
Fennel: Perfection
Bean: Jade, Maxibel Haricot Vert, Provider, Golden Rocky Bush Wax,
Peas: Sugar Anne Snap
Basil: Sweet, Genovese
Eggplant: Swallow, Ping Tung Long, Rosa Bianca,Black King, Diamond, Galine
Sweet Pepper: Carmen, King of the North, Chocolate, Purple Beauty, Lunch Box Mix, Cubanelle semi-sweet
Hot Pepper: Early Jalapeno, Hidalgo Serrano, jaluv An Attitude ECO, Long Red Narrow Cayenne, Czech Black, Beaver Dam, Habanero, Red Rocket
Potato: so far just 100# of French Fingerlings; Laratte. Plan to buy Youkon Gold, Red Norfolk,>>>>
Tomato: Black Krim, Husk Cherry, Cherokee Purple, Green Zebra, Verde Puebla Tomatillo, Amish Paste, Speckled Roman, Orange Banana, Opalka, Black Cherry, Weisnicht's Ukranian, Pink Brandywine, Rose De Berne, Sun Gold, Jasper, Mountain Fresh Plus, Mt. Merit, Defiant, Moskvich
Cilantro: Caribe, 
Cucumber: Diva, H19 Little Leaf pickling cuke, Amiga, Excelsior, Super Zagross Middle Eastern, Lemon, Marketmore, Suhhyo Long, Shintokiwa 
Melon: Cream of Saskachawan watermelon, Sugar Baby watermellon
Pumpkin: Rouge Vif D'Etampes, Baby pam
Summer Squash: 8 Ball zucchini, Lemon squash, Alexandria Lebanese, Raven zucchini, golden arrow zucchini,
Winter Squash: Butterbush Butternut, Sweet Dumpling, Zeppelin Delicata, Sweet Reba Acorn, Y Star Patty Pan, Speghetti, Nutty Delica

January on the farm

posted Jan 9, 2014, 8:59 AM by Gerrianne Schuler

The high tunnel is under wraps for another few weeks until we sow it with spinach and mixed greens. Keeping the fireplace burning to cut the chill in the house. Hopefully the winter will provide many more sunny days like today. Currently putting together the crop plan and seed orders. The first flats we are starting will be herbs, leeks, and onions; later this month.  BS

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posted Apr 11, 2013, 6:44 AM by Gerrianne Schuler

I came upon this poem the other day by Anna Barker written in 1994, which I would like to share. It is described as a synthesis of words chosen from a Eating close To Home conference, framed by two haiku. 

Beauty and the Feast: An Ode to Community Supported Agriculture

    In December air 
    Indoors growing together
    Snow mist frosts the fields

We are cooking.
Recipes for diversity
must include hair-brained schemes and land purchases,
awareness of trends, open houses with home made salsa, sizzle, 
regional/seasonal ingredients, and Trust.

New pioneers where ever there is common ground who receive grants and give advice
along with their healthy food, know about efficiency, keep their knives sharp,
and enjoy the flavor of batter in their stories.

Trust, grown from self-delivered knowledge
and experience-based education result in believing
and form the basis for growing the caring/carrying capacity.
(money counts)
See us: we are not a fad or social echo; we are
The Land.
We are a community of sustainers, co-creators of a
Way of Life,
setting loose a system of nutrition, based on the soil,
nurtured by the craft of farming, by the elders grounded in integrity,
giving witness through the words meeting actions.

Join us as we regain the heritage which lies deep in the Earth,
our Mother much-covered but alive beneath the layers of concrete,
asphalt, and square buildings.

Chew works, spit out ideas, let the organic process spread,
dynamically influencing source-labels that increase trust.
Through facts and knowledge gained from experience
stimulate growth-through-the-seasons;
grow as individuals, as unique as your footprints
on soil after rain.
Participating in peeling back the "price per pound"
mentality and
share in linking lives with the Land in ways that
community along with food security.

Eat close to home, and invite many guests to share 
the feast.

    In the cool spring air
    Outdoors growing together
    December warms fields

Planting the seeds...

posted Mar 22, 2013, 11:19 AM by Gerrianne Schuler   [ updated Mar 22, 2013, 11:19 AM ]

For everything there is a beginning... this is our blog's. 
Watch us grow!

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